Discord Rules

Discord Rules:

  • Do not be disrespectful towards other members in this discord (This includes private messages, DMs)

  • Do not use any discriminatory terms to insult someone.

  • Do not disrupt normal conversation or activity with spam, copy pastas, unwanted memes, etc - Do not try to buy or sell anything in this discord.

  • Do not violate the privacy of other members in any way.

  • Do not advertise your discord, social media, or any other pages in general. (DM advertising will result in a perm ban)

  • Do not link anything inappropriate in the discord (nothing NSFW, offensive, etc)

  • Do not spam tag staff. If you have a question or concern you can make a ticket in tickets

  • No inappropriate usernames/pictures, and no impersonating staff members or ranks

  • Arguing about a ban, mute, or hackusating in our Discord is not allowed. Please post a ban report or ban appeal in tickets and wait patiently.

  • No talking about drugs in any shape or form (Alcohol in the context of the brewery plugin is an exception)

  • No politics or political discussion both in game and in discord

  • Excessive drama or bickering in global chat is not allowed. If a staff member tells you to stop, you must end the conversation

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