Survival Rules


While AFK mining is allowed, using an autoclicker to grind mobs or using Macros are not.


1 - Week Ban and a full mcMMO stats reset 2 - 2 Week Ban and a full mcMMO stats reset 3 - Perm Ban and a full mcMMO stats reset

Insiding Land Claims

Joining someone and getting them to add you to their land claim just so you can take either some or everything that they have and then leaving them is called insiding. This is only punishable if you can provide proof of the player taking your items.


1 - 1 Day Ban 2 - 3 Day Ban 3 - 7 Day Ban

Note: That you are responsible for who you add to your claims and staff action


Damaging other players structures without checking if it belongs to another player or knowingly damaging structures that belong to other players will result in the following punishments:


Punishments will be handled on a per case basis. Use common sense and always ask permission before damaging things that are not yours!

Note: It is your responsibility to protect your belongings/builds. Use `/kit claim` for help if you don’t know how to do so. Do not rely on staff to replace/fix a grief/theft if you did not do your part first and claim your stuff!

Shopping District Rules

  1. If you claim a large plot (20x20) you must build some sort of structure/building that satisfies the expectations of Upper Staff. Failure to do this may result in the removal of your plot

  2. Each player is only allowed to sell 2 family of items. Aka, a nether shop, an ores shop, a guardian shop, an end shop, etc. Using too broad of a category for your family of items will not be allowed. For example, saying you sell building blocks is too broad of a category as you can essentially sell every block in the game. This is held at the discretion of Admin+

  3. If someone wants to sell items from the same item family as another player who is already selling that item family, they are allowed to sell it as well, but at the same prices as the initial seller. Same prices are for both

  4. While only 2 shops are allowed per player, using alts to bypass this restriction will not be tolerated.

  5. Shops left unstocked for extended periods of time are subject to closure by Admin+ at their own discretion

Failure to abide by the shopping district rules above could result in your shop/shop plot getting deleted with no reimbursement of items

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