If caught with a Hacked Client and/or disallowed modification, you will be issued a punishment unless the Administrator team decided to allow the modification / Client.

If you believe a modification should be on this list, make a ticket on our discord

If any Clients/modifications below contain any features that are specifically stated as illegal in our rules like using macros globally or Schematica, it then cannot be used on their respective servers.

Disallowed Mods (And any other mods relating to the following)

  • Any Hacked Clients (Huzuni, Vape, Wurst, etc)

  • Scripting Clients (Arcadia)

  • Modifications to increase a players speed in water past 1.8 Minecraft Vanilla speed

  • Texture Packs/Shaders or any other modification that gives a visual PvP advantage such as distinguishing armor, durability or anything similar

  • Xray texture packs

  • Better Adjust

  • Damage Indicators

  • Replay Mods

    • This is only allowed for our Content Creators strictly for video creation

  • Float Finder

  • 1.7 Hits

  • Schematica

  • World Downloader

  • Litematica

  • Enderpearl Tracers

  • Lunar Client's Nick Hider

Allowed Mods/Clients

  • Vexal Client

  • Fabric

  • Forge

  • bspkrs core

  • Armor Status

  • Potion effect

  • Hitbox Indicators

  • Direction HUD

  • Health Indicators

  • Sodium

  • Lithium

  • Phophor

  • Badlion Client

  • Cosmic Client

  • OCMC

  • 5ZIG

  • Mini Maps (Without Radar or Entities)

  • ToggleSneak/Sprint/Flyboosting

  • Optifine

  • Shaders

  • TabbyChat

  • Kohi TCP NoDelay

  • Console Client - You may only use the "follow" function in OQ-MineBot to setup alts to AFK

  • Coordinates

  • Chunk Borders

  • CPS Mods

  • Keystrokes Mods

  • Scoreboard Mods

  • LiteLoader

  • Lunar Client

  • Breadcrumbs

  • LabyMod

  • PvPLounge

  • Faction Utility

  • LunatriusCore

  • Falcun Client

  • Orbit Client Beta with Best Adjust, Easy Adjust & Find Float disabled as of 11/2/2020

  • Crystal Mod

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